In our last Ofsted report we were delighted to be awarded Outstanding status. Below are the highlights of the report and you can download the full report here >

Effectiveness of the leadership and management - Outstanding
Quality of teaching, learning and assessment - Outstanding
Personal development, behaviour and welfare - Outstanding
Outcomes for children - Outstanding

  • Leadership and management are outstanding. Managers are highly inspirational and drive the team in pursuit of the highest standards for children and their families. Children thrive and families highly value the service they receive. 
  • Evaluation is exceptionally accurate in identifying areas for improvement. Managers seek the views of staff, parents, children and other professionals to ensure the very best service is available to meet children's individual needs.
  • The quality of teaching is consistently very high. Assessments are precise and clearly identify additional support for children. All children make significant progress. 
  • Staff foster highly nurturing bonds with the children, who settle quickly when they first start. Children feel very comfortable and rapidly develop a strong sense of belonging. 
  • Staff's knowledge of child protection issues is extensive. They are aware of the signs and symptoms that may cause concern for a child's welfare. Staff know how to report concerns to promote children's welfare.
  • Staff are extremely knowledgeable about the children in their care. They have high expectations of what children can achieve and know how to motivate learning. 
  • Staff successfully involve children in the preparation of a highly stimulating environment based on their own interests. Children set out activities of their choice and staff make sure that all areas of learning and development are promoted fully.